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Goldfields Mohair Farm

Australian Processors of Fibre

We are processors of Wool and wool blends (e.g. Alpaca fibre and Mohair). We are also able to accommodate coloured fibre.  All of our processes are done in Australia in our Bendigo mill.

Our operations include:

Woollen Mill
Process scoured fibre ( Wool and blends of Alpaca and other various fibres ) to create rovings and yarns in balls, hanks or on cones.

Worsted Mill
Taking very fine fibre (White Wool and wool blends) to top suitable for fine yarn for commercial knitting and weaving.  In-house fine worsted spinning coming soon.

Specialist Machines
Seed and vegetable matter removal through our worsted combs
Coloured Fibre processing
Dehairing Alpaca Fibre

Batt Making Machine
Preparing batts for making Duvets, Pillows, various Animal Coats, blankets sleeping bags vests etc.

If you are interested in having your fibre processed, please click on the Request a Quote link above.