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Processing Terms & Conditions

We wish to create the highest quality product from your fiber. To do this, we request that you follow the guidelines as deviating may impact the quality and quantity of your finished product(s).

Please review the Terms and Conditions, sign, date, and include a copy with your order. We will keep it on file for future orders.

  1. All fleeces should be properly skirted prior to sending to us. Please remove vegetable matter and shorts.
  2. Do not send fleeces that have been exposed to mothballs and/or contain insects/insect eggs. We will return these fleeces at your expense.
  3. To ensure efficient processing and minimal fiber loss, we suggest a staple length between 5 cm to 15 cm.
  4. Fees are based on receiving professionally scoured fibre.  Fibre that require additional washing will be subject to additional fees.
  5. There is a minimum lot size of 50kg.  Customers are asked to combine lots with others if you have less than 50Kg to be processed.
  6. Full payment is due once your order is complete and before we ship it to you. Payment types; EFT, credit card and PayPal.  Payments by cheque will require a waiting period for the cheque to clear in our account before the goods are dispatched.  Credit card payments are subject to 2% processing fee.
  7. Finished orders that remain unpaid after 30 days of completion become the property of Goldfields Mohair Farm Pty Ltd to cover mill processing costs.
  8. Shipping Instructions – Please place one of our consignment forms in each bag you send to us for processing. Your name and contact information must be filled out on each form or we cannot process your order.
  9. To reduce your shipping costs, place your fiber in a plastic bag or nylon wool pack and squeeze as much air out as possible before placing in your shipping box. Be sure to include your completed order form in each bag.
  10. We will make every effort to process your fleece(s) in the manner you selected. Please understand your fleece characteristics may dictate something other than what you have selected. If so, we will contact you to discuss your options.
  11. Please be aware that the processing procedure removes short fibres and and vegetable matter which means the end product will weigh less than the original washed fibre.
  12. We want to ensure your total satisfaction.  Goldfields Mohair Farm is not responsible for loss of fibre due to insects, excess vegetation, fire, theft, flood or any other circumstance created by Mother Nature.
  13. Goldfields Mohair Farm official weight will be deemed to be the weight of the fibre received.
  14. All testing requested by the producer will be at the expense of the producer.